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Adult tennis leagues

United States Tennis Association (USTA) Leagues

Through our local Community Tennis Association called the Capital Area Tennis Association (CATA), many of our members play on adult leagues teams either during the weekday mornings, weekday evenings, or weekends. These leagues are level-based using a rating system and then divisions are formed based upon other teams in the Austin area.  

Each league has a different format but is usually some mix of singles lines and doubles lines. There are men’s, women’s, and mixed leagues. Some leagues are local, and others have local play followed by advancement to sectional and national play if successful. 

For a list of which leagues are offered and when by CATA, please review this link: 

USTA League Schedule - Capital Area Tennis Association ( 

If you are uncertain of your level or rating, please review the following link from the USTA: 

USTA NTRP Ratings: FAQs | National Tennis Leagues | USTA 


Women’s Team Tennis Association of Austin (WTTA) 

Our club also hosts several teams in a local doubles-only league for women’s players during weekday mornings. This league adheres somewhat to the same ratings as USTA in that divisions are created with like skill levels, but it allows friends to create a team even when their ratings are too far apart to join a ratings-based league like the USTA.  

While the USTA leagues occur in each season, WTTA takes place in the spring and the fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new and do not have a team. How do I get connected with a team? 

First, you should fill out your information on our new league player contact form. Enter that information at the button at the top of this page and we will follow up with next steps. If no team is currently in need of players at your level, we will place you in a pool of players and attempt to form more teams. Be patient as we will work hard to help you form a team. 

What is required of me if I am to captain a team? 

Captains oversee having a full line up each week for a match and communicating with opposition captains to confirm rosters and match details. Captains are thus the point of contact for their players and the opposition. Furthermore, captains are required to enter scores in whichever platform is necessary for the league whenever the match is completed.  

My team would like to practice. What are our options? 

We have ample options for practice. If you would like to join a weekly clinic as an individual, we have our Live Ball Workouts that are level-based and enroll weekly. You can check that schedule in our adult tab on the club website. 

If you are looking for individualized attention (or a workout with your specific partner), schedule a private lesson with one of our coaches. If you know the coach that you would like to work with, ask that person directly for a time in your schedule. If you don’t have a coach and would like to connect, contact Coach Mike ( and he will connect you with a coach. 

Lastly, if your entire team would like a practice, it is best to schedule these for the entire season and as this is best to ensure both the coaching and space resources. We will do our best to coordinate practice for your team, but this can be challenging with everyone’s different schedules. Season practices will require session-based registration for the entirety of the season. Once the season ends, the roster can jump back into private lessons and Live Ball Workouts.  

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