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We invite you to come and experience the most friendly and professional staff in all of central Texas. We ensure that every day at the Polo Club is a happy and fulfilling day for you! We are the only club in Austin, Texas to feature tennis, pickleball and padel. 

Tennis Courts

The Polo Tennis & Fitness Club has Austin's only Plexi-cushion Prestige tennis courts providing an orthopaedic-friendly playing experience. The subsurface cushioning system reduces stress on joints allowing for longer play with less fatigue.


All 10 courts have low profile lighting & covered cabanas. Escape the heat under our beautiful Pavilion with a large screen television and bar area.

We offer international level coaching for the aspiring junior athlete with a  strong emphasis on the developmental process. Discover all of the adult and junior tennis programs we offer members.

Tennis Court

Pickleball Courts


The Polo Tennis & Fitness Club features 3 dedicated pickleball courts featuring U.S. Open style colors with a bright blue Non-Volley Zone or "kitchen". Located just behind our main clubhouse, the pickleball facility is fenced and lighted for night play. 

The Pickleball program features elite level coaching as well as a number of open play and league opportunities for our members and guests. If you haven't tried pickleball - the fastest growing sport in America - we will get you dinking, driving and dropping in no time!

Padel Courts


The Polo Tennis & Fitness Club is one of the only clubs in Texas to feature state of the art Padel courts. Another fast growing sport both stateside and internationally, padel is an incredibly fun racquet sport for all ages and abilities. Our 3 courts are lighted for night play and feature the best materials in the world for ideal court construction, play, and durability. 


Our padel program is led by the #1 ranked padel player in the United States, Paloma Cortina. Our busy weekly schedule includes clinics, open plays, leagues and tournaments. Book a private lesson to improve your bandeja, vibora, and lob! Not sure what those words mean? Stop by our club and we'll teach you!

Fitness Center

The Polo and Tennis and Fitness Club is a state-of-art club where you can relax, meet friends, and get into the best shape of your life.

Our 8,500 square foot Clubhouse includes a fitness center as well as men's and women's locker rooms.

Fitness Center

Swimming Pool

Our pool boasts an architecturally unique three level pool with its own rock waterfall with a continuously circulating water filtration system.

Swimming Pool
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