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Junior Academy

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

First and foremost, I want to wish all your families happiness and health as we move forward with our planning. Though I may not see all of our tennis community at this time, I think about all of you each time I send out a new lesson at the beginning of each week and any time I move into a planning session. Some of you have been going this whole time while others are just beginning to trickle back. Understandably, another portion of our community is still deciding their next course of action and we look forward to the day to see them once again on the tennis courts.

The Junior Development program encompasses the ROG stages of tennis (Red- Orange- Green). It is student-centric that meets our young athletes at their developmental stages. All classes value the rally, and we encourage self-starting, independent athletes—levels available for ages 5 through 14 within the ROG system. The Polo Tennis Junior Academy is offered through the year.

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